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  • Does you business follow the universal design of ICT laws mandated by the Norwegian state?
  • Do you want a new and improved online profile?
  • Does your development processes need improvements?

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Personalised and commited follow ups both during and after project periods.

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All our servers run exclusively on renewable energy

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Experience within web development, hosting and universal design of ICT

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Scale to any screen size and support more platforms

Our team

Andreas Jacobsen

Developer, project leader and designer
IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC)

Kristian Simonsen

Utvikler, prosjektleder og designer.
IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC)

Our customers

We have customers from a vide variety of sectors, see some of them bellow

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OsloMet – Storbyuniversitetet
Front and back end development, secretarial work and hosting
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Web development, web design and server hosting
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

Web development, project management and secretarial work
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Universal design of ICT evaluation
Logo til Fabel med "digitalt øre"

Universal design of ICT evaluation
Logo til samfunnet bislet med reinsdyr/hjort
Samfunnet Bislett
Hosting and bug fixing
Intueri logo

Web development, web design and server hosting
Bilde av PT Patrick
PT Patrick
Development, design and server hosting

Want to learn more?

Grafisk illustrasjon av mennesker, verktøy og teknologi.
Kristian Munter Simonsen

The opportunities and limitations of automated accessibility test tools

Automated test tools can be extremely useful in a lot of projects and bring a great value proposition to projects. However, as most experienced developers and testers know there are some caveats to these tools. Automated accessibility testing tools are no exception. In this article we will dive deeper into the pros and cons of the most popular tools and how one can overcome the cons of these tools.

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Andreas Jacobsen

Is WCAG easy to understand?

The internet is an amazing place, we can do more and more of our daily chores and tasks online. Everything from buying groceries, checking our medical appointments, order vacation and deliver our taxes. The internet is also available from many devices and places, enabling people without the ability (permant or temporary) to physically go to work continue their work from a different location. The Norwegian society has become depended on internet based services and a lack of access to such services has an increasingly negative effect on people unable to use these services. Se the attached table from Tufts University over the most digitized countries in the world, it ranks Norway as the most digitized nation in the world, well at least in 2017.

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Grundergarasjen ved OsloMet
Office spaces, support from Simulas amazing staff
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International Asociation of Accessbility Professionals
Certification and a community for accessibility professionals

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